An early interest in animation led to the purchase of a 9mm stop-frame video camera at a garage sale. Somehow, I never got around to doing anything with it. I applied for work at Atkinson Film Arts, Ottawa, a company that went on to produce the first two Care Bears TV specials. The job lasted three hours. Somewhat impatient, I wanted to create characters not paint dozens of acetate cells that all looked very much the same. As computer technology progressed animation became more accessible, and in the mid-nineties I started to dabble with Macromind Director(later Marcomedia, then Adobe), learned some lingo and made some demos. In 1996 I produced two animations for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp(CMHC), an invitation for the launch of their website, and a screen saver(below).

cmhc invite    

above: CMHC animated invitation. The front end is a game of matching tools to trades that produces a random discovery of a strpied cat, which then escorts you to the party.

right: CMHC screen saver. It was designed
to work slowly!


At the time, publishing from Director was limited to pretty high-end systems, and Flash came on the scene as a simple and agile alternative. Nortel Networks Succession is a B2B network configuration of hardware and software that increases capacity. To get customers excited about what it could do Nortel commissioned an animated demo(below).

  An animated infoGraphic shows the changes that occur when an enterprise (in this case a hospital) adopts a centralized information system.
Client: MDS Nordion, Oncentra
Flash has made it easy and economical to animate different kinds of information, like diagrams, wireframes, models, maps, etc.  
  This model shows how the business framework of a large, public organization will change after it is 'wired' with technology. The old pyramid business model becomes flattened and departments become more integrated.
Client: Canadian International development Agency(CIDA).
One animated diagram from a series designed to explain the processes involved in textile production.
Client: gevc Interactive.