B2B brand
The Preside 'brand' is customer-focussed. It speaks a language of benefits to business. It speaks of opportunities, of growth, of integration, of agility and of future possibilities. Preside is forward-looking.

These are qualities that service providers look for in a network carrier, and network carriers look for in a network provider.

Integrated Network Management(INM) system is Nortels' core suite of software, it's what governments and enterprises use to run multinational communications networks. In 2000 it had fierce competition. Its image was dated, reflecting a pre-digital design era, and it was fractured by competing departments. INM needed a unifying facelift.


The design considered all aspects of the product's presence, from the website to the shipping cartons.

Client: Nortel Networks Preside.

preside sheet
preside box  
  preside web  

Making Preside
Part of a video that shows the photo shoot setup around the sandbox. We were three days in the studio.


product family brand
Nortel internet telephony

nortel 01 nortel 02  
  nortel 04
nortel 03
nortel 05
  Branding a family of internet products(above) begins with a distinct visual flavor. Custom styled illustrations, patterns and texture extend the look and feel throughout the designs.  
  herritage logo

public sector logo

Client: Herritage Canada

nortel 96

event logo

Client: Nortel Networks

backyard habitat    

program identifier

Client: Canadian Wildlife Federation.